These homemade chicken pieces will hit the spot

Published in Odd and Fun on 12th January 2018
These homemade chicken pieces will hit the spot

What is it about chicken pieces?

Is it the crispy, crunchy exterior? The meaty goodness inside? Or the satisfying ability of every bite sized morsel to perfectly shield any type of dipping sauce?

Regardless of how or why we experience them, one thing is certain: Americans adore fried chicken pieces. Tyson says it carries over 22, 000 tons of chicken nuggets a year .

Even those pesky pink slime rumors couldnt stop McDonalds from slinging one of its signature menu items. By some reckons, the chain exchanges upwards of 4. 8 billion nuggets yearly.

Now the series is experiencing a big pushing to distance itself as a dominating fast food force-out and is researching a form of nuggets without any preservatives or artificial additive in its McNugget mixture. But the simplified McNugget is still in exam modeand its not nationally available( the chain hasnt announced when it plans to roll out the new nugget ).


If youre trying to cut those pesky additionals from your diet but cant dispense with a good deep-fried nug, weve got the perfect recipe for you to try at home.

These homemade nuggets from have only 12 ingredientsand we promise no pink slime is involved.

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