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More Americans are chewing gluten-free despite not having celiac sicknes

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th December 2017

Percentage of the population evading gluten but not having agitation more than tripled between 2009 and 2014, perhaps due to diet trends and marketing An increasing number of Americans are ingesting gluten-free despite not having celiac infection, the main medical rationale for adopting such a diet. Between 2009 -1 0, when 0.52% of the population […]

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FTAG 1 TT ATAG 4 TT DTAG 1 TT IMG 2 TT A woman tries to catch em all. Image: Piroschka van de Wouw/ EPA FTAG 2 TT ATAG 7 TT DTAG 2 TT IMG 3 TT On the hunt in Union Square, New York. Photo: Justin Lane/ EPA FTAG 3 TT DTAG 3 TT Sorry, your browser is unable to play this video. FTAG 4 TT ATAG 10 TT DTAG 4 TT IMG 4 TT Medical students hunt for Pokmon in New York. Image: Drew Angerer/ Getty Images FTAG 5 TT ATAG 11 TT DTAG 5 TT IMG 5 TT A Pidgey is recognise. Photograph: Chris Helgren/ Reuters Radical food can switch type 2 diabetes, new analyse appearances

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th December 2017

Low-calorie diet generated remission in 90% of ordeal patients who lost 15 kg or more, even those who had been diabetic for six years old, say researchers A revolutionary low-calorie diet can alter type 2 diabetes, even six years into the disease, a new examine has found. The number of cases of type 2 diabetes […]

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Amsterdam’s solution to the obesity crisis: no fruit juice and enough sleep

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th December 2017

The city is successfully opposing fatty by promoting tap water in its institutions, along with healthy cooking first-class and a ban on fast food sponsorship The city of Amsterdam is producing “the worlds” in resolving the obesity epidemic, thanks to a progressive and wide-reaching programmes which is getting ensues even among the poorest parishes that […]

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Neanderthal dental tartar discloses plant-based diet- and drugs

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th December 2017

Analysis of teeth of Spanish Neanderthals demonstrates diet of yearn seeds, mushrooms and moss and indicates possible self-medication for sorenes and diarrhoea A diet of pine nuts, mushrooms and moss might sound like modernist cuisine, but it turns out it was standard fare for Spanish Neanderthals. Researchers considering the teeth of the heavy-browed hominids to […]

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Discipline Says These 11 Foods Can Shorten Stress, So Go Add Them To Your Grocery List

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th December 2017

Comfort food pretty much does it all, from mending a broken heart, to nursing a period-induced carbohydrate crave, and everything in between. Seriously , nothing feelings better than affording your figure with the nourishment it needs, and deserves. And oftentimes, those a difference in your climate after a appetizing snack aren’t simply in your premier […]

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Scientists consider is connected with undesirable pregnancy diet and ADHD

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th December 2017

Experts examine how a diet high in fat and sugar could vary newborn DNA in a way that might cause behavioural problems A diet high in fat and sugar during pregnancy may be linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children around behavioural problems early in life, experts have found. The research, led by scientists […]

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2017′ s big ideas- part 1: from driverless vehicles to interstellar traveling

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th December 2017

James Dyson is provoked about the SafetyNet invention, Jim Al-Khalili cant wait to study Saturn up close and Amanda Levete appears to a resurgence of civic space Transport Mass production processes driverless autoes By Jimmy Wales The human intelligence is an amazing machine. It can make an unperceivable number of forecasts two seconds. This outstanding […]

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Peanut allergy medicine in majority of children in immunotherapy ordeal

Published in Odd and Fun on 1st December 2017

Australian researchers herald breakthrough after life-changing tolerance perseveres for up to four years Australian investigates have made a breakthrough in the treatment of peanut allergy in children. A small-time clinical experiment conducted at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute has led to two-thirds of children treated with an experimental immunotherapy medicine being cured of their allergy. […]

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If Tall Is Your Form, We Have Some Really Bad News For You

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th November 2017

It’s good the very best occasions come in small-time parcels — because no oneisgetting any taller. At least, Americans aren’t getting any taller. According to a brand-new analyse, Americans seem to havestopped growing. The report, which looks at meridian data from many countries over the last hundred or so years, exposes people in the USA […]

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Smallest Ichthyosaurus ever observed was squid-eating newborn, research exposes

Published in Odd and Fun on 28th November 2017

A museum specimen has divulged details of the early life of a marine reptile from the Age of Dinosaurs Not all new palaeontology detections are manufacture on stunning bumpy outcrops. Sometimes dusty drawers in the back-rooms of museums are the source of eliciting findings. A brand-new analyse by Dean Lomax, a researcher at the University […]

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