Check Out This Unbelievably Withering Baseball Star

Published in Odd and Fun on 14th December 2017
Check Out This Unbelievably Withering Baseball Star

Pablo Sandoval of the Boston Red Sox is looking like a new man.

Known as Kung Fu Panda for his roly poly figure, Sandoval became the butt of gags when a video surfaced of his belt bursting open while he took a swing in an April game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sandoval had received analysi for reporting to outpouring train with a bulging gut, and his season turned into a bust. He played exactly three competitions before having shoulder surgery.

But at least for the moment, Sandoval appears to have won the battle of the protrusion. In a photograph shared Monday by WBZ TV sports reporter Dan Roche, the Panda seems relatively svelte.

Wonder what his secret was. Many of us are more likely to like to know even if we don’t have to get ready for spring training.

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